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A lot of people who come to the US on dual intent visas like the H-1B visa, O-1 Visa and L-1 Visa and the non explicit dual intent visas like the TN Visa for Canadians and E-3 Visa for Australians ultimately hope their employer sponsor company for their non-immigrant visa will be happy to sponsor them for a Green Card one day under EB-1, EB-2 or EB-3.

Now many never get the chance because their employer companies don’t want the additional expense and time to do this and/or the actual foreign sponsor doesn’t want to endure the long wait times and static career growth as a result of this process. Recently we looked at where Green Card & Visa Sponsored non-immigrant foreigners reside around the US to help people get a better idea of where the opportunities and competition lies.

Today we will look at both the companies that are sponsoring the greatest number of Green Card Applications by their Labor Certification data as well as what countries dominate the demographics of these foreign applicants. This data also comes from the US Department of Labor and is for the 2011 Immigration year.

Microsoft is by far and away the greatest sponsor of Green Card Applications with 39% of the Top 25 companies total and 6% of all applications. So maybe getting a job in Redmond, WA near Seattle is a great idea! This list is dominated by Technology and Finance companies and the positions that most of these applications tend to be for are Engineers in Computer Science with a few Accounting/Consulting type roles as well.

Bank of America

JP Morgan & Chase

Indian nationals makes up over 50% of all Green Card Applicant sponsors with an average annual salary of  above 90K. This is the second highest among the other Top 5 countries being China, South Korea, Canada and Philippines. Canadian sponsored permanent residents average salary for the sponsored roles tops 100K which is possibly not surprising given their long standing relationship and proximity to the US and thus their citizens being on the most equal footing with US Citizens of any foreigner when applying for roles and negotiating salary.

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Top 100 Green Card Sponsors -2021 Green Card Report

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Who are the sponsors of a green card?

Green Card Sponsors Database: List of employers who have sponsored employment-based greencards in the past. PERM Sponsors Database or Labor Certification Sponsors Database. Every year, many employers sponsor greencards for their current or future employees.

Can you self petition for a green card without sponsorship?

How can I get an employer sponsored green card?

Some options are available if you have immediate family members who as US citizens or if you marry a US citizen. Other options are available for people who have a United States company that is willing to sponsor their green card through a job offer, this is called an employer sponsored green card.

What are the different categories of green cards?

Complete List of Green Card Categories 1 A11 2 A12 3 A16 4 A17 5 A31 6 A32 7 A33 8 A36 9 A37 10 A38

What are the categories of employer sponsored green cards?

Employer sponsored green cards fall under 2 visa categories: EB-2 and EB-3. The appropriate category will depend on the job requirements and the individual credentials of the beneficiary. EB-2: This category is generally appropriate if the position requires an advanced degree.

How are green card sponsors sorted by salary?

If two green card sponsors have filed same number of permanent labor certifications in the same year and same category, they are further sorted by the average salary in descending order. The salary is the average salary of all proffered salary on labor certifications filed under PERM system using ETA Form 9089.

How many green card sponsors are there for Amazon?

Amazon filed 2,157 permanent labor certifications under PERM for employment based Green Card in fiscal year 2018. The average salary of those job offerss was $129,584. The green card sponsors (employers) are sorted by the number of Permanent Labor Certifications filed under PERM to National Processing Center.

Who are the top Perm sponsors for green card?

The above report lists the top 1 – 25 employment based Green Card sponsors in fiscal year 2018. For Example, the first three records on this report report that Microsoft filed 2,301 permanent labor certifications under PERM for employment based Green Card in fiscal year 2018. The average salary of those job offerss was $137,542.

Green Card holders “also known as permanent residents” are people given the authority to live and work in the United States permanently. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides proof of this status through a permanent resident card called a green card.

Green Cards earned their nickname because they were colored green between 1946 and 1964. They were made green again in 2010, but the Green Card nickname persisted, even as the cards were colored blue, yellow, and pink.

Today, regardless of their name, permanent U.S. residents aged 18 or older are required always to carry their U.S. Green Card. If you do manage to win the

Green Card Lottery, the Green Card you get lasts ten years and must be renewed. Green Cards can be renewed online, and it’s simple to do after those ten years have passed. Conditional permanent residents, those who have earned their Green Card through investment or marriage, must renew their Green Card after two years.

Live & Work in America

A Green Card is a Permanent Residence Visa of The United States

Get Your Green Card Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa DV Lottery

The Immigrant Visa Diversity Lottery “also known as the DV Lottery” allots up to 50,000 immigrant visas ready to be handed out on a lottery basis each year.

Eligibility Requirements

The Green Card Lottery, as some people call it, makes a select number of immigrant visas (50,000) available each year for those who meet the eligibility requirements. Those requirements include:

You must be a citizen of a foreign nation that has a low rate of immigration to the United States. The U.S. State Department publish updated lists of eligible and ineligible countries each year, as it changes on a yearly basis. Be sure to check the latest list to verify you are born in one of the
qualifying countries.

You must have either graduated from high school, the equivalent thereof for your country, or have minimum two years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience

How to Participate in the Green Card Lottery

Applications to the lottery are open year round, when using a professional immigration service to help with the application.

The good news is that the application to the Government Approved Lottery is completely free. Please keep in mind the U.S. Green Card Office will charge an application fee for assisting you and your family completing the application and preparing your visa interview, which takes place at the U.S.

Embassy upon one’s winning the lottery.

We give you the best chance of winning the Green Card Lottery.

Family-Based Green Cards

Family sponsorship is among the most common methods for foreign nationals to enter the United States. Green Card holders and American citizens can sponsor certain members of their family for legal status within the United States. The U.S. citizen or Green Card holder sponsoring their relatives must prove that they can financially support the beneficiary.

U.S. citizens and Green Card holders can file immigrant petitions on behalf of their wives, husbands, and unmarried children to gain legal entry for them into United States. U.S. citizens enjoy being able to sponsor wider categories of relatives than Green Card holders. US Citizens can sponsor parents, brothers, sisters, and married children. US Citizens must be over age 21 to sponsor parents, brothers, and sisters.

However, there are still limits to whom a legal citizen is allowed to sponsor. They are not allowed to sponsor aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, their in-laws, or their cousins—only close relatives and next of kin.

Live & Work in America

Employment-Based Green Cards

Foreign nationals may be able to get a Green Card to stay in the United States if they receive an offer of permanent employment from an employer within the United States and if that employer is willing to sponsor them for a Green Card. Those with higher education and ability are more likely to receive an employment-based Green Card for entry into the United States.

Investment-Based Green Cards

Foreign nationals can gain a Green Card for the United States by creating jobs in the country through investing between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in commercial enterprises. The investment must benefit the U.S. economy, and the national in question must have created at least ten full-time jobs for American citizens.


People who are granted asylum or refugee status within the United States are eligible for a Green Card if they meet requirements. They can file an application for an adjustment of status and receive permanent resident status within the U.S. The system might sound daunting, but we are here to help.

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